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A Program of Excellence

A School of Fine Binding and Book Studies

Founded in 1993 by Tini Miura, Einen Miura and Daniel Tucker, the American Academy of Bookbinding is an internationally known degree-oriented bookbinding school that offers book enthusiasts of all levels the opportunity to initiate and improve their skills in a generous and supportive learning environment. The Academy conducts intensive courses in the fine art of leather binding, book restoration, repair and preservation practices as well as related subjects. The goal of the Academy is to graduate professional-level binders who have the knowledge and skills to produce the highest quality work and the ability to pass on these skills to the next generation. The Academy is unique in the United States in its ability to offer a comprehensive diploma granting program in the study of bookbinding and book repair, restoration and preservation, taught by some of the most experienced and highly regarded book artists and conservators in the world. Our main campus is in Telluride, Colorado, and in 2014 we are continuing to offer workshops at the Lallier/Etherington studio in Summerfield, North Carolina.

There are many introductory classes offered and students may attend some classes with little or no experience. Some students pursue their studies further and enter a program that culminates with a diploma in Fine Binding or the Integrated Study Program. Some students pursue both tracks of the curriculum. Your training and practice at the American Academy of Bookbinding will give you a strong foundation in bookbinding and book conservation that will complement whatever path you choose to follow.

The American Academy of Bookbinding is a program of the Ah Haa School for the Arts.

  • Don Glaister

  • Fine Binding

The American Academy of Bookbinding begins its third decade this year. Amazing, really! We begin this decade vital, flexible, improved, improving, respectful and respected.

2013 has seen two major developments in the evolution of AAB. The first is the publication of a beautiful book appropriately titled Imagine A Beautiful Book which honors the founding and development of AAB. It also includes the documentation of a three day session in October of 2012 just prior to the Guild of Book Workers’ Standards of Excellence Seminar in Salt Lake City where Monique Lallier and I bound identical books side by side. The book is lovely, lavishly illustrated with color photographs and beautifully designed.

The second important development for AAB is the forming of a new diploma program called the Integrated Study program. Its purpose is to offer a wide scope of binding related classes that will give the graduate a broad bookbinding base. The result will be a course of study that includes elements of the Conservation and Fine Binding programs. The Fine Binding Program will remain much unchanged while many aspects of the Conservation Program will be incorporated into the Integrated Study program.

I am extremely fortunate to have had my friend Don Etherington as a fellow director and colleague since my coming to AAB as director of Fine Binding. I look forward to continuing our close relationship as he offers AAB classes and guidance in book conservation from his studio in Summerfield, North Carolina. I am also looking forward to a close and productive relationship with the first director of the Integrated Study Program, Peter Geraty. Peter and I have been friends for a long time and I welcome him to AAB.

Please look at the course descriptions found in this catalog. You will find some familiar offerings and some brand new ones. I hope you will like what you see and that you will join us in Telluride in 2014.

Don Glaister, director – Fine Binding program

  • Peter Geraty

  • Integrated Study

I am pleased to have been named as director for the new American Academy of Bookbinding program – The Integrated Study program. It is a program built to give a thorough grounding in the skills and techniques of bookbinding in all of its aspects. The classes will revolve around traditional techniques, but will bring into the craft innovative methods, materials and points of view. This will enable students to lay down a firm base of knowledge and hand skills which will support their deeper explorations into every facet of bookbinding such as: fine binding, edition binding, conservation, artists books or wherever their curiosity and creativity take them.

The classes will be taught by some of the most experienced and knowledgable professionals in the field. History, ethics and an understanding of materials used in the classes will be integrated along with the techniques giving a more rounded context for the student.

As director of this exciting new program, I look forward to working with you as you build your skills, confidence and mastery in a truly wonderful field. Come and join others at the AAB and discover your talents.

Peter Geraty, director – Integrated Study program

  • Don Etherington

  • Summerfield Conservation

Don Etherington was the Director of the Book Conservation Program at the American Academy of Bookbinding from 2008 – 2013. Nationally and internationally recognized for innovative design and implementation of state-of-the-art conservation procedures, including phased preservation programs for libraries and institutions, Don brings over 45 years of professional experience to the AAB. After extensive training in England, he established a four-year program in bookbinding and design at Southampton College of Art and conducted workshops and seminars for colleges, universities and the Guild of Book Workers. Past President of the Etherington Conservation Center in Greensboro, N.C., Don also holds the position of Fellow in both the American Institute for Conservation and the International Institute for Conservation. Other professional affiliations include the Guild of Book Workers (Past chairman, Standards Committee); Accredited Fellow, Institute of Paper Conservation in England; and member of the American Library Association. Currently, Don teaches AAB courses from his studio in Summerfield.