2024 Scholarships are closed.

The American Academy of Bookbinding is proud to announce that Mel Hewitt is the winner of the 2024 Fine Binding Scholarship Award!

Since beginning as a student in 2021, Mel has demonstrated a deep, consistent commitment to her craft. Director of the Fine Binding Program Don Glaister reflects, “Mel’s work has shown a truly stunning improvement over just the past year. She’s a determined student who works hard to learn everything she can in class. She is a great choice to receive this award.”

Mel Antuna Hewitt is a book artist engaging in as many aspects of the book arts as possible. Her bindings and artist books have been shown in exhibitions throughout the United States. She is a founder and board member of the Inland Northwest Book Arts Society and teaches basic bookbinding classes at Spokane Print & Publishing Center. Mel is slated to have her first solo show in October 2025.





The American Academy of Bookbinding is committed to providing students with access and opportunities to explore and enhance their skills at all levels, with a core commitment to removing financial barriers to participation.

There are three awards available for application: Open ScholarshipTuition Assistance, and the Fine Binding Scholarship.

Please read each offering description and requirements carefully, as they may have changed from prior years.

  • You will need to complete a student registration form before submitting your application for funding. We need to know which courses you plan on taking before we can review your request. You will be able to select which award(s) you are applying for in the application form below. Registration link
  • There are a limited number of Open Scholarship and Tuition Assistance awards available. These awards are limited to two recipients per course and are non-transferable.
  • The Fine Binding Scholarship award must be used in the year awarded.
  • Submission of an application does not guarantee an award.
  • All applications are reviewed by an awards committee whose decisions are final.
  • In the event that funds are not fully disbursed by March 15, applications will remain open on a rolling basis throughout the rest of the year. If the deadline has passed, please check the AAB website for updates.




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Open Scholarship

Open Scholarships are granted to students whose work displays exceptional merit given their current skill level and background. Students will be asked to provide images of 3-5 bindings, with opportunities to upload additional detailed images. Well-executed work, work completed recently, and work completed independently will all be favorably considered.

Eligibility: New and returning students. Students can be awarded scholarships for multiple courses in the same calendar year.

Award Amount: Awards vary from $300 to $750 per course. New students are limited up to $450 in scholarship funding. Open Scholarship awards apply to tuition only and cannot be used for housing, travel, or other expenses.


Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance awards are granted to students with a demonstrated financial need. Students will be asked to submit a statement of financial need and answer some demographic questions.

Eligibility: Both new and returning students. Students can be awarded tuition assistance for multiple courses in the same calendar year.

Award Amounts: Awards will range from $300 to $750 on a sliding fee scale, depending on the length of the course. Tuition Assistance awards apply to tuition only and cannot be used for housing, travel, or other expenses. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of an award.


Fine Binding Scholarship

The American Academy of Bookbinding Fine Binding Scholarship was created by Myssie and Barry Acomb in 2013 to assist one student per year who has shown initiative and is committed to the long-term development of their skills to reach a professional level and contribute to the larger bookbinding community. This scholarship is intended to reward merit given a students’ skill level and background. Attention is paid to a student’s execution of techniques, not necessarily to the number or complexity of techniques employed. Work completed independently and work completed recently will be favorably considered.

Eligibility: Returning students only, with priority given to declared diploma students. Diploma students at all skill levels are encouraged to apply. Students who receive the scholarship are eligible to reapply two years after the award receipt.

Award Amount: The total award is $3,500, of which at least 65% ($2,275) must be used for tuition; the remainder can be used for tuition or housing. In addition, the awardee will receive a $300 allowance for materials purchased through the AAB school store.

Requirements for Scholarship Application

    • Please see Scholarships page for information on scholarship type, amount, and qualifications.
    • Name
    • Email
    • New or Returning Student
    • Please answer the following questions (500 word maximum):
      • What does your current bookbinding/artistic practice look like?
      • What are your goals for your bookbinding education?
      • Briefly describe a challenge or difficulty you face as a bookbinder/book artist.
      • What are you most proud of in your artistic practice?
    • Images of Work: Include images of 3-5 books. In the description, please tell us: 1) The year the work was completed; 2) whether it was completed independently, in a class, or both; and 3) what you’re most proud of.
    • Please describe why you are applying for tuition assistance at the American Academy of Bookbinding. Briefly describe your financial needs (300 words max).
    • Do you have access to institutional funding through work or school? (Y/N)
    • In the past 5 years, have you qualified for or received federal or state aid such as Social Security disability benefits, Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, WIC, or other food or housing relief programs? (Y/N)
    • Are you currently serving, or have you served, in the U.S. Military, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or other full-time volunteer or service program? (Y/N)
      • If “yes,” please describe briefly.
    • Submit either a 2-3 page written statement or a short (5-10 minute) video answering the following questions:
      • Describe to us the progress you’ve seen in your work since beginning your studies with AAB. What are your plans for continuing in the diploma program? What are you most proud of? What skill development are you looking forward to in the future?
      • Describe your independent study and practice. What is working well? What, if anything, would you like to change? What challenges do you face?
      • Describe your participation in the greater book arts community. This can include volunteering, teaching/tutoring, memberships in local organizations, exhibitions, etc. How do you contribute, or plan to contribute, to the greater bookbinding community in the future?
    • Images of Work: Include images of 3-5 books. In the description, please tell us: 1) The year the work was completed; 2) whether it was completed independently, in a class, or both; and 3) what you’re most proud of.