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September 5-9, 2022 | Lang Ingalls  | $925         ** This course is now FULL.  Now taking names on the waiting list.**

This course is for students who have taken Level 1 and are ready to develop further and explore materials. Students will work with a text block, making the Millimeter Binding structure. The course will cover the importance of design, the process of book block preparation, the principles of a rounded spine, basic leatherwork, and hand-sewn endbands. There will be a review of board cutting basics, book squares, and the use of adhesives. Introduction to the Schärfix paring machine and a review of best practices with tools will be covered. The elegance of leather, considerations of spine swell, design materiality, and harmony are taught in this course. This course is the 2nd AAB core course for students interested in becoming bookbinders. This course is required for students ready to advance their skills and prepare for the Fundamentals of Half and Full-Leather Binding courses at AAB.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding – Level 1 or equivalent experience, including competence in sewing multi-section books and understanding end sheet variations.

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September 19-23, 2022 | Suzanne Moore  | $925

Join us for this adventure into the possibilities of expression through the distinct movements of your hand. Explorations of mark-making and handwritten forms, various tools, and layering media will take us on an unfolding journey to create pages for a series of 2D works on paper or a simple book. You can easily translate this work into imagery for print, book content, and fine bindings.

Using universal symbols and a text of your choice as inspiration, each participant will employ black and white and color media to explore interpretations of verbal content. A series of exercises using Sumi ink, gouache, and acrylic media will offer a rich array of possibilities for each artist to create work unique to their vision. This workshop is part of an – going series Suzanne has developed: Word as Image.

Prerequisites: This course is open to students with little or no prior bookbinding and paper decoration experience.

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September 26-30, 2022 | Don Glaister | $925

Bookbinding students typically begin their studies by learning basic techniques of the craft. They progress through successive steps and levels of complexity in binding, adding experience in numerous techniques related to cloth, leather binding, and parchment binding. Then comes decorative techniques – tooling, onlays, and inlays. The result is a student who is well-rounded in technique. After decorative binding techniques are learned, what does one do with them? How are they chosen, altered, or combined to serve the design of your binding, and where does that design come from?

Through a series of exercises, discussions, and individual investigations, students will explore applying technical skills and materials to design binding projects of their choosing. On a series of plaquettes, students will modify and transform various traditional techniques; Onlays, inlays, tooling, leather manipulation, and materials transformation are some of the aspects of design binding that will be addressed and altered, combined, and re-thought. This course will develop the student’s design vision and challenge them to discover their vision and its interpretation of a chosen text as a design binding.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Half or Full Leather Binding or equivalent experience working with leather.

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October 3-14, 2022 | Don Glaister |               ** This course is now FULL.  Now taking names on the waiting list.**

This two-week course is designed to help students with varying experience levels in fine binding refine and review their techniques, develop more advanced and sophisticated ones and even invent new techniques. Emphasis will also be placed on binding design and design execution. Some of the more advanced techniques that may be explored are elaborate woven headbands, edge gilding, gold, blind and painted tooling, inlays, and onlays of leather or other materials. Students will work independently on their particular projects, with close monitoring and guidance from the instructor. They will have an opportunity to explore various design concepts and decorative techniques, depending upon their level of experience and expertise. Students are encouraged to use this course as an extensive fine-tuning of their forwarding techniques or to concentrate on a few or even one specific advanced technique.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals & Intermediate Fine Binding or equivalent experience in leather paring. This course may be repeated as needed or desired.

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October 31-November 4, 2022 | Peter Geraty | $925

This course introduces basic methods of cloth-bound and paper-bound book conservation and restoration. The reasons for performing or not performing these treatments will be addressed. The class members will work together to determine the best treatment options for their books, which they bring to course, while also considering the ethics of performing those treatments. They will learn to repair damaged cloth and paper bindings, rebuild the book’s structure, dye, and color materials to affect sympathetic repairs, and enhance usability. Students will learn the theory and practice of using appropriate materials to achieve stability and strength in their bindings. Japanese paper, linen, and various adhesives will be explored and used as students progress through the course. Students will complete a minimum of two binding treatments by the week’s end.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding Level 2 or equivalent experience in basic bookbinding. This course is required for the Leather Bindings: Repairs and Stabilization course.

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November 7-11, 2022 | Peter Geraty | $925

This course is devoted to the restoration of leather bindings. Students will evaluate and make appropriate decisions for treatment, including rebacking, corner repair, rebuilding of end sections, and minor paper repair. The course emphasizes stabilizing the binding structure and sympathetic restoration to bring the book to a useable state. Leather as a binding material (as opposed to paper or cloth) offers unique challenges to the restorer.  Leather books are usually structurally different from cased-in paper or cloth bindings, requiring a clear understanding of both material and technique to produce good results. Students will also learn to successfully assess a binding’s problems and choose solutions based on observation and accepted preservation practices.

Prerequisites: Cloth and Paper Bindings: Repairs and Stabilization course or equivalent experience in book repair is required.

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November 14-18, 2022 | Peter Geraty | $925

Tooling on books is often required to finish a binding. The tooling taught in this course allows the finisher to hand-tool books in the least amount of time possible. This technique is often applied to fine leather edition work. It requires minimal preparation and transfer of the design on the spine and cover, primarily relying on the binder’s hands and eyes for accurate tool placement. It is also a method of tooling that applies to one-of-a-kind leather bindings that are not budgeted for a more labor-intensive treatment. In this comprehensive one-week course, students will be led through the steps involved in producing shiny, bright, brilliant, and clear tooling on leather books. Students will be given specific guidance in developing hand-eye skills necessary for success. Students will learn correct sizing, gold handling, tool heat, and pressure. Probably as important as learning these proper procedures, students will be exposed to an assortment of tricks, shortcuts, and problem-solving techniques that Peter has adapted and developed. Historical examples will also be presented for reference and models to follow in class. This course is ideal for those students with finished leather bindings from either the Fundamentals of Half or Full Leather Binding courses.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding Level 1 & 2, or equivalent experience in basic bookbinding.

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